List your car
7 Dec 2019

Listing a Car

Create an account
Go to the “Supplier Sign In Tab” and click “Register”. Complete the registration form and submit it to Exotic Car Rental. We will then review your account opening request and notify you upon account approval.
Upload your inventory
Once your account is approved you will be able to load you vehicle inventory, prices, images, polices, payment info and other required information. You will also have access to other functions that will help with the administration of your account.
Make it a Featured listings
Looking to expand vehicle exposure and boost revenue? Try upgrading your listing to a featured listing. Contact us for details.
Go live and start receiving reservations!
You can now post your vehicles for rent and accept reservations. Not only will your vehicles be visible to a vast audience, but no payment is not due unless you make a completed reservation. See Vendor Agreement for details of payment terms and conditions. Once a completed reservation is made for your vehicle you will be notified of all the details via email. You can also view these details in your supplier dashboard by logging in.
Rent your car to the customer
Ensure customer signs all required documentation, a walk around is done and the drop off time and location are clearly specified. Provide the customer with the keys to their dream car and wave good bye.
Keep on renting cars
List cars, rent cars, repeat…