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Los Angeles, California | Exotic Car Rental

Luxury & Exotic Cars in Los Angeles
In terms of pure land area, Lost Angeles is an enormous city. Public transportation simply can’t fulfill your travel needs when you visit Los Angeles. To truly enjoy the city, you need a top quality luxury vehicle from Exotic Car Rental. Between sedans, sports cars, electric vehicles, luxury cars, exotic vehicles, economy vehicles, hybrids, SUVs, and convertibles, you will find exactly the type of car you want for your Los Angeles trip when you rent from Exotic Car Rental.

Our service can fulfill your needs because we literally have potentially millions of cars available. We can provide this variety by connecting travelers with Los Angeles luxury and exotic car owners that are in the market to rent their vehicles. This increases the selection of available cars, assures that all cars are within proximity of standard pickup locations like LAX and John Wayne Airport, and allows customers to shop for low rates.

Responsible Renting
At Exotic Car Rental, we put a premium on responsible renting. This means we make every effort to make sure that the car you are renting is in near perfect condition, by giving all rental vehicles a thorough inspection before they are made available. Furthermore, we provide insurance for both the owner of the luxury/exotic vehicle and the renter. Finally, we provide peace of mind to owners that their car is being rented by a trustworthy individual by performing a background check before the transaction occurs.

Best Way to Enjoy the City of Angels
Imagine yourself stepping out of the airport terminal and seeing a well polished McClaren, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bugatti, or maybe even a Mini waiting for you. You will slip into that wonderful car and drive straight over to the Hollywood Roosevelt to drop off your luggage. Or if traveling with the entire family, you may rent a more utility minded Nissan, Dodge, Audi, or Mercedes Benz and drive directly to the Universal Studios Hollywood. The hotel can wait for later in the evening. Whether you are enjoying cool breezes and warm sun of Santa Monica Bay or you are more interested in experiencing fine dining at locations like Gordon Ramsay at London West Hollywood, a car from Exotic Car Rental will make your Los Angeles trip perfect.

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John Scott

@ Microsoft
I have a lot of good things to say about Exotic Car Rental. They make sure my car gets rented and I get my share

Stacey Jill

@ SalesForce
Listing my car in Exotic Car Rental was the best decision i've ever made. My car got rented right away and I started making money. I highly recommend

Steve Smith

Manager @ Ucorporation
I own two cars, A 2010 Ferrari and a 2012 Jaguar. I put both of my cars on Exotic Car Rentals as Featured Listings and they got rented right away! I truly recommend.


Exotic Car Rental has been bringing together luxury and exotic car rental owners with customers since 1999. Our goal is to provide an easy to use platform where customers can search a wide variety of available vehicles from multiple suppliers. With so many options to choose from customers can feel confident that they are getting a good value. Go ahead and search for your dream car it’s really that simple.
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