Rent a Car
7 Dec 2019

Renting a Car

Find your dream car
Enter your travel dates and location and search our extensive selection of exotic and luxury vehicles.
Reserve your car
Choose either the “Pay Now” or the “Pay Later” option to reserve your car. With the “Pay Now” option you will receive a discount and will be required to pay the total amount (non-refundable) in full in order to complete the reservation. With the “Pay Later” option you will be able to reserve the car by leaving a non-refundable deposit. The remainder of the rental amount will be due to the rental car company at or before the time of rental. Upon completion of the reservation you will receive an email confirmation with all of the details of your upcoming rental.
Pick up the car
Go to the car rental location noted on your confirmation email and pick up your car. Many companies offer delivery at an extra cost, so you can also choose to have the car delivered to you. Make sure you read all the policies and instructions from the company prior to the rental.
Have an amazing time!
Enjoy your dream car and have the time of your life. Please drive safely!
Return the car
At the end of your trip, return the car to the location in which you picked it up (unless other arrangements have been made with the rental car company). Smile and then put a mental check next to your bucket list item of renting your dream Ferrari, Lamborghini etc.
Plan your next dream
Life is but a dream. Make plans to have your next dream soon!